Snowdonia Tour

This is by far the most popular tour we offer, as it allows visitors to experience many of the highlights of North Wales in one day.

On this tour you can view iconic castles, picturesque villages and boundless beautiful scenery.

You will also travel off the beaten track, along lazy winding country lanes that the majority of visitors to North Wales, never get to see. 

So come and explore and experience for yourself a region rich in history and culture, a land full of myths and legends and all set against a backdrop of a truly beautiful and spectacular natural landscape.


Below you will find some examples of the attractions that you could discover on our Snowdonia Tour:

Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country in the world and Caernarfon Castle is a magnificent example of a well preserved medieval fortress, which occupies a prime location in the town. The site had previously been the location of a Norman castle and a Roman fort before that. The castle continues to be of significance and in recent times, it was used to host the investiture of HRH Prince of Wales, in 1969. Come and explore this fine example of medieval engineering and discover the history of this imposing and impressive castle.

Llandudno is an elegant Victorian seaside resort set in a beautiful sweeping bay, framed by two imposing headlands. We will take you around the Great Orme headland and we can stop and admire the stunning views of Anglesey and Puffin Island along the way. Discover some fascinating facts and stories about this ancient and historic place.

The small riverside town of Conwy is a popular attraction for visitors to North Wales.

As well as being a charming place to spend a few hours the town also boasts the iconic Conwy Castle and it's surrounding walls, which have watched over Conwy since the 13th century. 

The best way to truly appreciate the castle and the town is to take a walk along the historic walls where you will be treated to spectacular views of Conwy Castle and the surrounding area.

Whilst in Conwy you can also visit Great Britain’s Smallest House, which is actually listed in the Guinness Book of World Records! Come and view the house and wonder how it's previous occupants must have managed!

Beddgelert is the place where the legend of Gelert the faithful dog comes to life. If you’re not familiar with the legend why not take a quick stop in this delightful village and take a short walk alongside the river to visit his resting place. The story has drama, loyalty and mistaken identity but unfortunately a rather sad ending!


Llanberis Slate Museum offers a unique insight into the history of one of North Wales’s most important industries, slate mining. It provides an interesting contrast to the lifestyle enjoyed by the occupants of Penrhyn Castle. The museum is set in a former slate quarry called Dinorwig and here you can listen to stories of the lives of the quarrymen and their families. Watch skillful demonstrations of slate splitting and explore the homes of the workers employed there. A truly interesting and fascinating glimpse of a by-gone era.

A visit to North Wales wouldn't be complete without a visit to the small village with the longest place name in Europe. We'll take you to see the railway station with the famous sign and you can have your photograph taken below it and see if you can say it!  

The ever-popular Betws-y-Coed which translates as ‘Prayer House in the Wood’ is a must for visitors seeking adrenaline outdoor pursuits but don’t worry, it still has plenty to offer for those seeking gentler pastimes! Have a walk around and browse gift and craft shops selling local produce.

Take a selfie with the gushing Swallow Falls Waterfall as your background as the River Llugwy crashes over craggy rocks on its journey to join the River Conwy a few miles downstream.

* Please be advised that the following attractions require an entrance fee which we regret to say, are not included within the price of the tour:


Caernarfon Castle

Highland Railway

Swallow Falls


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'For centuries men have come to Wales in search of  it’s hidden treasures of gold, copper, slate and coal.

They searched in the mountains and in the valleys and everywhere in between.

Harsh winters and scorching summers did not stop them in their pursuit of dreams.

Some men found that which they had sought and became rich, others did not.

As the men worked the land they began to understand that the real treasure was not the gold, copper, slate and coal but the very land itself; the soil which gave birth to the grass and the trees, the ancient rock which carried the villages and communities and the sky which presided over everything and with it’s gift of water and warmth, breathed life into the rugged and beautiful landscape which we call Wales.'

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