• Anthony Oldfield

Jeremy Clarkson, Freddie Mercury and Donald Trump spread cheer in Conwy town!

Scarecrows of Jeremy Clarkson in his new farming TV show have sent social media into a frenzy.

The former Top Gear presenter and trusty sidekick Kaleb Cooper, seemingly at their Diddly Squat Farm Shop, are among celebs represented by the fun figures in Llysfaen Scarecrow Festival near Colwyn Bay.

And pictures of the motoring maestro have had more than 1,300 likes on Facebook.

But they're only a handful of the scores of straw-like models populating this hillside village - and they're bringing a smile to everyone's faces.

Step forward scarecrows of former US President Donald Trump, the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and even "Clumsy Cledwyn" dangling from a telegraph pole.

(Image: Ian Cooper)

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