• Anthony Oldfield

Private Sightseeing Tours of Snowdonia

Snowdonia National Park attracts thousands of visitors every year. People come from all over the world to experience one of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. Snowdonia has something to offer everyone from rugged mountain views to picturesque villages and serene lakes and forests.

The Snowdon Mountain Range was formed around 600 million years ago as Wales used to be a tectonically active area. Thankfully the area is much calmer today so no need to worry about sudden eruptions!

Come and explore this stunning part of North Wales with us. We offer a comprehensive tour with of Snowdonia which takes in the stunning highlights of this most magical place. Take a look at the pictures below and see what you could see on a Snowdonia Tour with Bespoke Tours of North Wales.

Path leading up to Mount Snowdon

Path leading up to Mount Snowdon

Rugged and stunning landscape

Stunning Snowdonia

Peaceful lakes: A perfect place to relax and unwind

Relax and unwind in Snowdonia

Snowdonia National Park sign

Famous Snowdon Mountain Railway

The famous Snowdon Mountain Railway

A land of myths and legends

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