• Anthony Oldfield

Can We Leave Yet?

As far as sieges go the one which took place at Harlech Castle was epic! So epic in fact, that it holds the record for the longest siege in British history! It took place during the 'War of the Roses' where the House of Lancaster (emblem being a Red Rose) and the House of York (emblem being a White Rose), battled for the throne of England. In 1460, following the Battle of Northampton, Queen Margaret of Anjou fled to the castle and between 1461–68 it was held by her Lancastrian supporters.

How did they manage to hold out for 7 years? The answer lies with the location of the castle itself. The castle was so close to the sea that it could be re-supplied by ships, enabling the defenders of the castle to last so long! Eventually however, the siege was successful and the inhabitants of the castle finally surrendered.

They did well though didn't they!

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