• Anthony Oldfield

It's Not for Hobbits!

Many people both locals and visitors alike regularly stroll along the Rhos-on-Sea promenade breathing in the fresh air and admiring the view, little realising that they have walked right past one of North Wales's little known treasures; the chapel of St. Trillo.

A chapel in one form or another has stood on this site since St. Trillo established it in the 6th century. The altar stands over a natural spring and the water is still taken and used today to perform baptisms in the parish.

Inside there is only enough seating for 6 people; a tight squeeze for the worshippers who still attend services there today. So, next time you are walking through Rhos-on-Sea, take some time and have a look. You'll be glad you did because you can tell people that you have seen the smallest chapel in Great Britain!

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