• Anthony Oldfield

The Prisoner

The sixties was a time of social change, space exploration and the first screening of the iconic tv series, 'The Prisoner.' The series tells the story of a former British secret agent who is abducted and held captive on a mysterious island. There are hundreds of people on the island and everyone is referred to by a number; he is given the number 6. The series was almost entirely filmed in Portmeirion which is a small coastal village in Gwynedd, North Wales and it was designed and built by Sir William Clough-Ellis in the style of an Italian village.

This weekend (1st - 2nd April), Portmeirion plays host to a special 50th anniversary 'Prisoner Weekend' where where you can play watch 'human' chess being played, an election parade and try to avoid the menacing 'Rover!'

Have fun whatever number you may be!

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