• Anthony Oldfield

Who was Saint David?

Happy Saint David's Day or Sant Hapus Dydd Sant! Saint David is the patron saint of Wales and traditionally he is remembered every year on March 1st on the date he is thought to have died (March 1st, 589 AD). In adult life he became a missionary and later a bishop and he preached all over Wales and England. He also helped to establish 12 monasteries throughout Wales. Legend has it that he was able to perform miracles and one such example was when he raised the ground beneath him into a hill so that people could get a better view of him; like to see Dynamo do that! Another legend claims that he was the nephew of King Arthur. Whatever the truth we celebrate his life by wearing a yellow daffodil and maybe a leek as well. The significance of the leek is that on the eve of a battle against the Saxons, Saint David suggested the Welsh soldiers wear a leek so that they could distinguish themselves from the enemy. The Welsh won the battle and the leek has remained an important symbol of Wales ever since. Hope you enjoyed reading those facts!

Have a great St. David's Day!

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