Port of Holyhead Cruise Ship Shore Excursion

Here at Bespoke Tours we know that a shore excursion to North Wales may be the only time that you ever visit our beautiful region and that you will want to make the very most of your precious time here.

That's why we have created a special shore excursion itinerary which captures the essence of North Wales and allows you to experience many of it's famous attractions and get a true taste of North Wales! As one recent guest remarked to me ' I can't believe how much we've seen in the short time we have had ashore!'


We can collect you from the Port of Holyhead and return you back to your ship ready for you to start your next adventure. You will travel in comfort and safety in our Land Rover Discovery and you will have great views of North Wales thanks to it's high-up seating position and large windows.

You will find below our special shore excursion itinerary and as ever, if you wish to modify it to better suit your interests, then just let us know.

Our first destination is the small village of Llanfair P.G. This village is famous for having the longest place name in Europe (I’ve used the shortened version here). Have your picture taken next to the longest village name sign in Europe and amaze your family and friends back home when you recite it all in one go! 

Depart Llanfair P.G and head towards your next stop, the Royal Town of Caernarfon.

Arrive in the Royal Town of Caernarfon. Here you can view Edward I's impressive 'flagship' castle which was the setting for the inauguration of Prince Charles, in 1969. 

Look out for 'Bar Bach' which is the smallest bar in Wales! Depart Caernarfon for the historic town of Conwy.

Arrive in the medieval town of Conwy where you can view the iconic castle built by Edward I in the 13th century. Take a short walk along part of the well-preserved castle wall and follow in the footsteps of the people who originally lived and worked in this historic place. You will then take another short walk and view the smallest house in Great Britain and wonder at how people could have lived there! Depart Conwy for your next stop, St. Trillo's chapel, the smallest chapel in Great Britain.

Arrive at St. Trillo's chapel. Take a short walk and view the chapel and learn about it's origins. Depart St. Trillo's for our next stop, the picturesque and popular village of Betws-y-Coed. Our route will take us along little used idyllic country lanes and we will make  a quick stop at another church, which has an interesting story attached to it!

Arrive in Betws-y-Coed, and discover the principal village of the Snowdonia National Park. Whilst here, there is an opportunity to browse the shops which offer a wide range of traditional Welsh crafts and wares and also view the delightful Pont-y-Pair Falls. From here we will take a short drive and visit the famous Swallow Falls waterfall.

Arrive at the Swallow Falls waterfall and take a short walk to view the most visited waterfall in Great Britain. Currently, there is a small charge to see the waterfall of £2.00 per person. Depart Swallow Falls for our next stop the small picturesque village of Beddgelert. On our way we will drive through some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of Wales and we will stop at a viewing point, which will allow you the opportunity to pause and take in the in the beauty of the natural landscape. 

Arrive in Beddgelert, which is a charming and picturesque village nestling in the Snowdonia National Park and which serves as an access point for Snowdon-bound walkers and travellers using the Welsh Highland Railway. There are lovely shops and cafes to explore and a short walk alongside the babbling river Colwyn will take you to Gelert’s Grave, where you can learn about this famous Welsh legend! Depart Beddgelert for your return to the Port of Holyhead.  


Along the way we will drive along the truly spectacular Llanberis Pass (ask me to tell you about my pet sheep as we go along)! We will travel through the village of Llanberis; look out for the changing landscape as the towering mountains show the scars of the once prevalent slate mining industry, which once dominated this part of North Wales.

Return to Port of Holyhead and back to your ship for a well-earned rest!

*Please note that this tour will only be possible if your ship is in port for a whole day. However, we are able to offer a shortened version to ensure your return for departure.



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'For centuries men have come to Wales in search of  it’s hidden treasures of gold, copper, slate and coal.

They searched in the mountains and in the valleys and everywhere in between.

Harsh winters and scorching summers did not stop them in their pursuit of dreams.

Some men found that which they had sought and became rich, others did not.

As the men worked the land they began to understand that the real treasure was not the gold, copper, slate and coal but the very land itself; the soil which gave birth to the grass and the trees, the ancient rock which carried the villages and communities and the sky which presided over everything and with it’s gift of water and warmth, breathed life into the rugged and beautiful landscape which we call Wales.'

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