Chester and Dee Valley Tour

This is the perfect tour for your stopover at the Port of Liverpool as all the following attractions are only an hour's travel by car. Join us for a trip through the picturesque Dee Valley and the surrounding area. This part of North Wales is rich in heritage and even boasts one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Wales!’ Set amongst the gentle valleys and the meandering river Dee you can explore historic towns, horse-drawn canal boats, steam trains from a by-gone era, an imposing castle, famous historic houses, a ruined abbey as well as a ‘stream’ in the sky; what more could you ask for!

A trip to this part of North Wales wouldn't be complete without visiting the famous and beautiful walled Roman city of Chester which is situated a stones-throw from North Wales. With it's 2 mile Roman/medieval wall encircling the city, unique two-tiered galleries of shops, not to mention fine shopping and dining experiences, Chester has something for everyone and is certainly worth a visit! 


Below you will find some examples of the attractions that you could discover on our Chester and Dee Valley Tour.

Chester City Centre: Sit back and relax as we take you on a guided tour of this beautiful and historic city. Our tour offers you the opportunity to explore and admire Chester's well-preserved architecture including Britain's largest uncovered amphitheatre and a 19th century cocoa house. Learn about the city's rich and sometimes turbulent past and discover why a statue was put on trial and it's subsequent fate!  


Vallee Crucis Abbey dates back to the 13th century and is one of the best preserved abbeys in Wales. A popular attraction for visitors to this part of Wales the abbey is unusual in that it is actually possible to access the first floor to view the dormitory where the monks would have slept and the also abbot’s lodgings!


A Horse-Drawn Canal Trip will transport you back to a time when the pace of life was a little bit slower. Relax and enjoy the scenery as you experience being pulled along the canal by horse; a must-do activity for this tour. Alternatively, take a motorised canal boat ride over Thomas Telford’s famous Pontcysyllte bridge which is also known as the ‘Stream in the Sky.’


Plas Newydd is a beautiful historic house made famous by the ‘Ladies of Llangollen’ who became 18th century celebrities due to their lifestyle choice which defied the social expectations of the time. To add to their story it is reputed that the house is now haunted by the Ladies and other past residents. Come and visit the house, if you are feeling brave!


Erddig House has been regularly voted as one of the finest stately homes in the whole of the UK and after a visit you will understand why. The house gives visitors a real sense of what life would have been like not just for the owners but also for their servants and provides a real ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ feel.

Chirk Castle sits majestically on a hilltop and has commanding views of the surrounding area. This magnificent looking castle is set in extensive gardens and has been continuously occupied for 700 years. Come and explore the history of the castle and descend the narrow stone spiral staircase to a grim looking dungeon below, if you dare!

Llangollen Railway is a must for enthusiasts of old-fashioned steam travel. Start your journey from Llangollen station and slowly make your way through an officially designated area of outstanding natural beauty. Arrive approximately 30 minutes later at your destination where we will be waiting to greet you and continue with your Dee Valley tour.


The above-listed attractions are examples of what can be seen on Dee Valley tour. So why not contact us today and tell us where you would like to go or your particular interests and we’ll put together a bespoke Dee Valley Tour just for you.


*Please note that it would not be possible to visit all the above-named attractions in one day but we are more than happy to discuss your preferences and create a bespoke itinerary to your exacting requirements.

*Also please be advised that the following attractions require an entrance fee which we regret to say, are not included within the price of the tour:


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'For centuries men have come to Wales in search of  it’s hidden treasures of gold, copper, slate and coal.

They searched in the mountains and in the valleys and everywhere in between.

Harsh winters and scorching summers did not stop them in their pursuit of dreams.

Some men found that which they had sought and became rich, others did not.

As the men worked the land they began to understand that the real treasure was not the gold, copper, slate and coal but the very land itself; the soil which gave birth to the grass and the trees, the ancient rock which carried the villages and communities and the sky which presided over everything and with it’s gift of water and warmth, breathed life into the rugged and beautiful landscape which we call Wales.'

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