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Bespoke Tours of North Wales

Private Guided Sightseeing Tours of North Wales and Executive Private Hire

Tel: 07922 093334  +44 7922 093334

e-mail: bespoketours1@gmail.com

'For centuries men have come to Wales in search of  it’s hidden treasures of gold, copper, slate and coal.

They searched in the mountains and in the valleys and everywhere in between.

Harsh winters and scorching summers did not stop them in their pursuit of dreams.

Some men found that which they had sought and became rich, others did not.

As the men worked the land they began to understand that the real treasure was not the gold, copper, slate and coal but the very land itself; the soil which gave birth to the grass and the trees, the ancient rock which carried the villages and communities and the sky which presided over everything and with it’s gift of water and warmth, breathed life into the rugged and beautiful landscape which we call Wales.'

AO Dec. 2019