The Anglesey Tour

Join us on the Anglesey tour and explore for yourself this most beautiful and picturesque landscape. The island boasts a wealth of natural beauty from spectacular coastlines with rugged towering sea cliffs and miles of sandy beaches to gladed  forests where the Red Squirrel makes it's home. Uncover the  history of this enchanting island and learn about the events and the people that have shaped it over thousands of years.

Below you will find examples of the many interesting attractions that you could discover on an Anglesey Tour and also a set itinerary for our tour of this area.

A short distance from Thomas Telford’s famous Menai Bridge is the idyllic seaside town of Beaumaris. This would be the perfect starting point for your tour of Anglesey. Originally settled by the Vikings, Beaumaris is host to several interesting historical sites including Edward I’s famous Beaumaris Castle; a well preserved example of medieval fortification. There is also the infamous Beaumaris Gaol designed by Joseph Hansom (Hansom Cabs) where you can explore dimly lit corridors, learn about crime and punishment in Victorian Wales and handle artefacts from a by-gone age. Why not admire the spectacular view of the Welsh mainland from the beach or browse in some of the shops, or try some delicious locally-sourced food; you could even try your hand at crabbing from the pier!

As ever, the choice is yours.

South Stack Lighthouse is a famous Welsh landmark situated on its own island and set against the backdrop of towering cliffs and crashing waves. If you’re feeling energetic, you can walk the 400 or so steps to the lighthouse, learn about it’s fascinating history and admire the spectacular view of Anglesey and who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Ireland if it’s clear enough!

Llanfair P.G is a must for any visitor to Anglesey and a tour of the island just wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Welsh village with the longest name in Britain. Did you know that it was even featured in the cult 1960’s film, Barbarella! Have a photograph by the famous railway sign and see if you can say it!


St. Cwyfan’s Church is known locally as the ‘Church in the Sea.’ Historians tell us that the church in its current form dates back to the 12th century but it may be even older. The church stands on its own island known as Cribinau and can be reached by a short walk but only at low tide. It is a beautiful and tranquil place and well worth a visit. 

Plas Newydd House is a magnificent country house set in beautiful gardens which overlook the Menai Straits where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Snowdonia mountain range. Here you can explore the history of the house with a guided tour and see a quite magnificent wall mural painted by the famous artist, Rex Whistler. Take a stroll around the perfectly manicured gardens and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that they offer.


Ancient Neolithic Sites can be found scattered around the island. Little is known about the people who lived on the island thousands of years ago but they certainly left their mark on the landscape in the form of several impressive monuments. See for yourself the structures they created and wonder at the meaning and purpose behind them.

Penmon is an interesting place where you can explore St. Seiriol’s Well where pilgrims would visit to take the water in the belief that it had healing powers. Discover St. Seiriol’s Monastery which was rebuilt after the original building was destroyed by a Viking raid in 10th century. There is also a 17th century Dovecot which was able to house about 1,000 birds at the same time! A short walk to the beach offers you an excellent view of Puffin Island and the mainland of Wales.


​So why not contact us today and tell us where you would like to go we will create a bespoke Anglesey Tour just for you.

*Please note that it would not be possible to visit all the above-named attractions in one day but we are more than happy to discuss your preferences and create a bespoke itinerary to your exacting requirements.

*Also please be advised that the following attractions require an entrance fee which we regret to say, are not included within the price of the tour:

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Gaol

Beaumaris Courthouse

South Stack Lighthouse

Plas Newydd House and Gardens


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'For centuries men have come to Wales in search of  it’s hidden treasures of gold, copper, slate and coal.

They searched in the mountains and in the valleys and everywhere in between.

Harsh winters and scorching summers did not stop them in their pursuit of dreams.

Some men found that which they had sought and became rich, others did not.

As the men worked the land they began to understand that the real treasure was not the gold, copper, slate and coal but the very land itself; the soil which gave birth to the grass and the trees, the ancient rock which carried the villages and communities and the sky which presided over everything and with it’s gift of water and warmth, breathed life into the rugged and beautiful landscape which we call Wales.'

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